More than 3 billion user credentials/passwords were stolen in 2019. 8.2 million credentials and passwords stolen every day or 95 stolen every second!

Are you protected?

Trust is in our DNA

Our aim is to make easy
the security of your mobile by protecting
in a transparent and simple way
your data and communication

The Optimum Security Combination
of Software and Hardware

OffPAD is a small and cutting-edge hardware embedded in end-point devices with secure firmware protecting your communications and files. OffPAD is 100% independent of the phone and fully user-controlled. It complies with the highest security requirements

Trusted Environment

OffPAD uses a separate trusted execution environment (TEE) which runs offline to keep your data safe. All the security is based on hardware proven solution.

Key Control

Cryptography keys are managed by you and are securely stored in a secure element (SE) to avoid access to fraudster and hackers.

Secure I/O

No direct communication between SE and I/O peripherals. Fingerprint sensor encrypt minutiae with private key shared with secure element (SE).

Separate Processor

OffPAD behaves as a physical TEE and is not directly connected, as a result, attack surface are reduced. Firmware signature verification at boot .

We are the future

Gartner has published in August 2019 the Hype Cycle for Identity and Access Management Technologies.
As per the cycle, OffPAD is in line with the market trends following the mentioned technologies to be adopted


(in orange OffPAD used technologies)

We do not compromise trust

OffPAD, as an innovative company, will support key major industries in order
to provide high-end security level for mobile end-point.
We target large government, enterprise and E-health companies.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous in the public sector as in the private sector. At all level of governments, the usage of mobiles should be highly secured and strongly managed by expert team. With OffPAD, your organization could benefits of easy to integrate solution with highest security architecture and standards.

With the explosion of smartphone in the workplace, employees are now leveraging this technology for their daily tasks. Organizations are facing new constraints: empowering mobile employee and protect sensitive information. OffPAD can, definitively, help you to succeed in this new task.

The healthcare sector is using mobile devices in greater numbers to optimize patient experience. "Patient information collected, stored, processed, and transmitted on mobile devices is especially vulnerable to attack" stated the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), OffPAD is ideal for you.

The tremendous success for cryptocurrencies has attracted malicious people and hackers to steal digital assets. OffPAD solution is the perfect mix between software and hardware security solution to strongly protect your digital crypto assets from thieves with a high-end cold storage.

Digital identity is gaining traction and governments are now promoting digital platform to interact with administrative services. OffPAD provides you with a completely secured vault where you can store your digital identity. You, and only you, can activate your digital identity via biometrics fingerprint.

Business travellers are specifically targeted by hackers and criminal organisations. National cybersecurity agencies are providing advices to CEOs to help them to maximise they digital security. OffPAD is the ideal companion for CEOs as it provides secured environment protected from the external ecosystem.

OffPAD Security Ecosystem

Fully physically isolated execution environment

The OffPAD is a hardware-based solution architecture around a secure element, in order to leverage their higher isolation and security guarantees. The OffPAD provides a fully physically isolated execution environment, instead of one which is embedded within the mobile phone main processor and is just logically isolated.

Open Ecosystem

OffPAD is an open ecosystem where application developers are able to leverage the trusted secure execution environment of secure elements.

Online Service Providers

OffPAD caters to the specific needs of online service providers, by providing an adequate solution for a trusted user input/output.

Universal Solution

OffPAD is a universal solution for mobile devices, with has little dependence on the type of processor or hardware implemented by the mobile device.

Usable Form Factor

OffPAD is designed in a usable form factor, which encourages end users to use it as a hardware trust anchor for their mobile security transactions.

OffPAD received the Seal of Excellence
from H2020 (European Commission)


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